For years everyone is Austin has been eyeing the corner of East 6th Street and Waller where a Tejano Bar has sat vacant.  Once home to Uptown Sports Bar, 1200 East 6th, local entrepreneurs have been scrambling to work out deals with the owners to turn into a Bar or Restaurant in highly sought after East Austin.

East Austin Restaurant

East Austin Chili's

Photo from Do512

Here at Beck-Reit we are actually very familiar with the property.  We were investors in  LA BBQ and helped them move from one of our properties on South 1st to their then new location behind this debilitated building.  We did all of the site work to clean up the area, level out the land and cover with crashed granite.  LA BBQ enjoyed leasing there a couple of years until they made the move to Cesar Chavez.  Since then, we haven't know anyone that could wrangle the many heirs to the property.  Costar is showing the property sold in 2016, new owners, new opportunities.

I can imagine you are all as shocked as we are - Chili's has pulled it off!  Or have they?  Facebook is a buzz after Do512 posted the above picture.  Many speculate this is a hoax.  I'm sure it will all shake out over the next couple of days.

As your East Austin Specialist - We will keep our eyes pealed and ear to the ground.  #KeepAustinWeird