Are you looking for an Investment Property for $7.5 Million?

Built 5 years ago in an amazing location.

  • $7,525,000

  • Retail Building

  • 12,224 SF

  • 3 Tenants

  • Current Cap Rate 5.76%

  • We will have you sign NDA through Dotloop to receive information

  • 3% Commission to Buyers Agent

Request for Confidentiality:

Seller is currently operating a long-standing establishment. They don't want to tell their employees and patrons till they have a buyer.
E-Mail delea@beckreit.com and we will send Confidentiality Agreement for electronic signature.  Once signed then we will send you detailed info.

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Beck-Reit Commercial has a shiny new listing that we can’t talk about, but we can talk about what’s nearby.

Most newsworthy, the investment property is near a proposed location for the new Austin Major League Soccer Stadium. After an arduous back and forth within the Austin City Council, the vote has been cast in favor of moving ahead with the project, but the stadium’s location has not been set it stone. The Schrodinger’s Stadium has a few places it could end up, but one of the discussed locations is essentially right next door to our listing, and I assure you soccer fans will enjoy the flexible alcohol sales Commercial Services zoning can offer and whatever foods will be putting use to the legally required grease trap.

But even if the MLS Stadium is built somewhere else, the listing is not devoid of prestige neighbors. The Domain, the high density office, residential, and retail park, is quite nearby and, thanks to its exponential popularity, it will not be leaving anytime soon. The Domain has existed as an outdoor shopping center since 2007, but new architectural developments and diligent management have put it on the map. Now, even folks from out of state know that The Domain is north and can use it for navigational shorthand.

Last but not least, the Austin Oaks office park is nearby and its ambitious redevelopment process has been decided and approved for action. According to BusinessWire, the Los Angeles based Luzzatto Company has purchased Austin Oaks and have exciting plans: “[The Luzzatto Company] has acquired the property as a long-term investment with plans to reposition it into a more creative, tech-friendly campus akin to modern creative office campuses in the Los Angeles area that have attracted the entertainment, media and tech industries throughout the past several years.” Also on board is Michael Hsu, a golden boy of Austin architects, who plans to focus on environmentally friendly initiatives, as well as making the development aesthetically pleasing and true to the spirit of Austin. Hsu is quoted saying that Austin Oaks “may be the single most significant repositioning opportunity in Austin, if not all of Texas.”

If my descriptions of developments near this confidential listing have been too descriptive or too near, and someone is left with the means, motive, and opportunity to bypass our NDA and track down this secret listing, then I encourage them to try. I’m sure it will live up to the hype.

Authored By: Colette Robertson