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Craig Primozich of Beck-Reit Commercial Real Estate announces closing on a lease at 5111 Airport. His client had been looking for over a year and a half for a location for his new concept and partnership.  After identifying a second generation restaurant property in the target area at a reasonable rate we moved quickly to secure it.

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Advice to Tenant Clients:

"Currently if second generation restaurant leases hit the market in Austin or last long something is usually wrong.  Whatever the case is we need to move quickly to evaluate and use the success of your other locations to build confidence with the Landlord that you are the right choice to put us in first position." 


Thinking of Purchasing a Commercial Property for your Business?

Let us help you with pro-forma, identifying and feasibility.  We also have many design, development, contracting and lending resources at our disposal to ensure the success of your project.  

For additional details on the purchase, contact Craig Primozich