Beck-Reit's Jeremy Avera announces the leasing of Suites 102 and 103 at 603 Davis Street, The Shore Condominiums, to ThisWayGlobal, LLC!

fully leased 603 .png

The property has an excellent location in the center of the historic Rainey District, and The Shore's combination of living quarters and offices makes it a rare Live/Work Opportunity in the Downtown Austin area. 

Jeremy represented the Landlord on the deal for the 1,816 square foot Suite 103, and then the Tenant, ThisWayGlobal, LLC, for the deal for Suite 102, which consists of 1,910 square feet. 

Jeremy commented; “This was an unusual deal because the tenant came unrepresented and needed more space than I had to offer them. I therefore approached the property owner next door and was able to negotiate a deal for the ThisWay Global, LLC to lease their space as well. It was really a win-win for everyone.”