Jeremy Avera | Commercial Real Estate Broker

     Jeremy Avera | Commercial Real Estate Broker

I’m proud to be apart of Beck-Reit Commercial.  With the booming East Austin market, it’s an incredible opportunity to be with the company that specializes and understands it best. Beginning acquisitions in 2006, Beck-Reit has a stronghold in East Austin with a majority of its portfolio there.  As East Austin changes more and more every day, I find it energizing to be an integral part of that development.  


I have worked with some of the most prominent entrepreneurs and investors in Austin, leasing their Commercial properties and helping them grow their portfolios. I am excited to use my portfolio leasing mindset, treating the assets as if they were my own, to help East Austin property owners maximize their profit and mitigate their risk on their property that has significantly changed in value - seemingly overnight. I really enjoy trying to find the perfect tenant that creates not only the most value for the property but also create a symbiotic environment amongst the tenants so that everyone is happy with my client’s properties. I have found that I am particularly good at helping landlords and prospective tenants find common ground so that it is a win-win for both parties, starting their relationship off on the right foot. The only way to achieve this fine balance is to know the market REALLY well and know what other options tenants have to choose from.  I pride myself on religiously keeping an eye on competitive properties and having the inside scoop of what is about to happen in the market which will affect it on a micro and macro level.

It’s fun to be a part of this great team at Beck-Reit, full of top-notch highly skilled individuals who together vie for optimization, paying close attention to detail all while preserving the flavor of our culture in Austin.

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