Mark Mellon-Werch : Commercial Leasing Specialist

Mark Mellon-Werch : Commercial Leasing Specialist

For those who are not aware, BECK-REIT Commercial Real Estate runs on espresso.

I am the newest member of the Beck-Reit  team, and a fan of “Too Much Coffee Man”. If you have been in Austin long enough, and remember TMCM comic strip in the Daily Texan… then you are also old enough to remember when East Austin property was a bargain!

East Austin property is just one of the areas that Beck-Reit specializes in. We were practicing real estate here in East Austin before it was cool and hip.  But I’ll talk more about that later, first I want to share a little bit about me and how I ended up at Beck-Reit Commercial.

When I first became a realtor, I went to the local “Realtor Roundup” at the convention center. DeLea Becker was there pulling people into the Central Texas Commercial Realtor (CTCAR) booth. We had a nice chat, about commercial real estate, exchanged cards, and I went on my way.

Little did I know, that years later she would be my broker.

I did not know what CTCAR was, and did not care. I was a new Realtor,  focusing on residential. If I had to do it all over again, I would start as a Commercial  Realtor from day one. You might be thinking, why didn’t I?

My family has been in Real-Estate for three generations. Some folks even go so far to say you’re not really part of the Mellon family unless you’re connected to the real-estate business. Both of my siblings are in real-estate, and my Father founded Mellon Real Estate over 50 years ago.

At this point in my life I was the black sheep of the family, I had a career in high tech. So when I talked to my Dad about coming  to the dark side… I mean, into real-estate, he said “Great Idea, you will start in Residential, and you must get your broker's license!” Remember that scene in the God Father, this is how I felt. So, I listened to dad and embarked in residential.  

Even though my Father said residential, I still had a lot of experience in commercial. During my years in High Tech, and growing up in the family business, I was always handed the projects that had to deal with construction. I also had a chance to work with my Father and Uncle on multi-family and commercial projects.

For the last few years, I have been specializing in Industrial, Automotive, Multifamily.  I’ve been helping several clients buy buildings so they could grow their businesses. I was doing commercial 100% now, but needed something more. I wanted a firm that understood my love of coffee and have their pulse on Austin.  

Lets circle back to DeLea.

Over the years I had run into DeLea, we had became friends, and would meet to discuss real estate. I would tell her about residential, and she would fill me in on commercial happenings around town. About a month ago, I called DeLea to have coffee. We meet at a great little east Austin Coffee shop, Cherrywood Coffee House. My intent was to get her advice on firms that might need my expertise in Tenant Representation, Multi-Family Buy & Sell, Commercial Interior Finish Out Construction and Commercial Development.

After catching up on family, and two cups of coffee later, DeLea is telling my about the explosive growth that Beck-Reit has had. Commercial Real Estate is very much an insider's game, DeLea has incredible insight on what is happening and deals that never hit the open market due to her extensive networking. Beck-Reit Commercial has several projects going in the heart of East Austin as principal or hired as Project Manager such as 1201 Cesar Chavez.

She is telling me all this, and all of the sudden, she said “YOU NEED TO WORK ON MY TEAM!” I was really afraid it was the multiple espressos she drank over the course of our meeting that was affecting her judgment.

That was not the case.

She has built a wonderful team here at Beck-Reit which moves quickly to be proactive and provide best service to all clients that walk through the door.

Latest Technology : Software, Hardware, & Best Practices

Hiring & Placing Administrative Staff for Efficiency

Partnering with Best Commercial Agents that specialize in:

  • Retail

  • Restaurant / Bar

  • Office

  • Multi-Family

  • Landlord Representation
  • International Investors

But there was a hole, she needed someone who was comfortable with development work plus industrial & office leasing. (and of course drinks coffee)

Our breakfast coffee meeting turned into lunch, and late into the afternoon discussing the future of Beck-Reit. So, it is funny how things work out, if she had not pulled me into that booth that day, I might of never have joined the Beck-Reit team.

I still think I was asked to join the team so she would have someone who drinks as much coffee as her.

To my surprise, there was my very own espresso machine waiting on my desk on my first day in the office.

~ Mark Mellon-Werch

Typical day at the office

Typical day at the office