Since the very first building DeLea Becker purchased and renovated, she has been honed in on the East Side. The start of her entrepreneurial journey was 1101 East Sixth Street, a creative storefront and residential property she bought and refined with her husband, Russ Becker. Ever since, the two of them have been investors and promoters of the East Side.

Now the majority of investors recognize the incredible upside of property east of I-35 and nearly everyone has jumped on the band wagon. Still, DeLea remains focused on the area and works hard to earn her title as the East Austin Expert.

As founder and owner of Beck-Reit Commercial Real Estate, DeLea has a few strategies for staying on top the East side market.

First of all, there’s proximity. Beck-Reit’s headquarters (a Ferrari repair shop that DeLea and her husband converted to creative office spaces) are located at 2131 Theo Drive, directly by Airport Boulevard and Manor Road. Here, DeLea can watch the stream of East Side developments and keep updated on their progress.

She then takes detailed notes to keep up to date with any notable developments in the area, usually on her spreadsheet of ongoing and completed East Side construction projects. She’s been updating the spreadsheet since 2014.


If there’s any big news, she will relay it in her Newsletter. Feel free to contact her for more info or to share news of your project.

DeLea is currently working several deals, including the redevelopment and repositioning of 1201 E. Cesar Chavez St. on behalf of local clients Hartford Properties.

Forget the admonition to “Go west, young man.” Just go East Austin, y’all! And remember, DeLea Becker is the go-getter for everything East Austin.


Original Article by Jan Buchholz of ATX Real Estate News - https://atxrealestatenews.com/2019/03/05/why-east-austin-ask-delea-becker/

Edits made my Colette Robertson